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Introducing C.E. Electronics - Acoustic Group 

Vertical Transportation Noise Solutions With Elevator Sound Control Soundproofing Materials.

Vertical Transportation Noise Solutions

Hydraulic and Traction Elevator Systems, Car, Mechanical Room & Hoistway

noise | [noiz] | noun

hydraulic traction elevator noise soundproofing


Intrusive sounds that are loud, unpleasant, unexpected or undesired, invading our state of mind and health.

The C.E. Electronics - Acoustics Group CQuiet Noise Control Product line offers solutions specifically designed for elevator noise control. Our vertical transportation industry partners provide the CQuiet product line for commercial, hospitality, and residential facility noise treatment.

While no product provides 100% noise reduction, the CQuiet™ Noise Control Products are easily installed and effective solutions for elevator noise migration. 

so•lu•tion | [suh-loo-shuhn] | noun

Sound Control Solutions For Elevator Equipment Noise In Apartments


The process of determining the correct answer to a problem.

C.E. Electronics - Acoustics Group, in partnership with industry professionals, has collectively identified and developed product solutions for problematic elevator noise challenges. We are confident that our CQuiet™ Noise Control Products can solve your specific elevator noise problem too.

Whether it is corrective action due to noise complaints, compliance with regulations, or just to be an industry leader with quiet installations; we are here to help you meet those objectives.

Your challenges are our business opportunities; give us a call to discuss your project specifics.

qual•i•ty | [kwol-i-tee] | noun

Quality Sound Proof Materials For Elevator Equipment Noise Complaints In Condos


The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind.

C.E. Electronics - Acoustics Group engineered elevator noise reduction products are backed by the same manufacturing, engineering, quality standards, and business principals of our parent company C.E. Electronics, Inc.

C.E. Electronics has been a leader in providing innovative, problem-solving products for the elevator and industrial markets for over 30 years.

Our “meet the need” attitude and developed solutions has brought us to the forefront our core industry markets.

in•teg•ri•ty | [in-teg-ri-tee] | noun

Equipment Soundproof CQuiet Noise Control Products With Nationwide Availablity Through All Elevator Contractors For Hi-rise Condominiums


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

C.E. Electronics, Inc. has built its reputation on ethical and honest business practices. Our staff of dedicated professionals’ interaction with every customer is with the honesty, courtesy and respect they deserve.

As trained problem solvers, C.E. Electronics - Acoustics Group is ready to assess your elevator noise issues, develop an effective noise treatment plan focused on the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We work for you.

CQuiet Sound Control Product Demonstration

CQuiet |'sē ' kwī-әt | verb: to have the ability to see quiet

CQuiet Sound Control Products... when you need to see quiet

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